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7 types of strength in fitness

Fitness as a sports modality takes out the best of us and permits us to develop our strength in various different ways. In the following lines we will go through 7 types of strength that we practice during our complete fitness training and what it means to exercise each one.

But before we go on with that, we should give some technical explanations about the concept of ...


The showtime of the Lakers

Anyone older than 30 who is a big Basketball fan will remember having spent some sleepless nights in front of the television set following the first transmissions of the NBA, a competition which in that period seemed really far away, almost as far as from another galaxy.

Actually in the eighties the differences between northamerican Basketball and European Basketball were...


Running shoes with chip, the running experience

Reality is starting to be increasingly unbelievable. Especially for as little technological beings like me who often hallucinate with inventions that appear in James Bond films (although much more with some from the classic cartoons). I do not know what will you be thinking at this point but let's talk about running shoes.


Spring 2013 outdoor fashion

The outdoor fashion this spring arrives with high voltage colours. It will be impossible to go unnoticed with the new proposals by Montura or Millet, which bring to us a collection of women's jackets and tops in stretch, because comfort and style can go together hand in hand, both in the city center and in the countryside.


Exercises to strengthen your feet

In the same way that we care about our overall fitness, and sometimes we focus on specific areas of our body that we believe need special treatment, feet are one of the most important and most influential aspects in the way we practise running, practice fitness or do any other exercise. However, very few of us think of take some minutes each day to strengthen their muscles,...


How should be a good pair of mountain boots?

With the arrival of spring, many people begin their routine of outdoor sports. Climbing, hiking, mountaineering... surely these activities will bring many benefits for our mental and physical health, but above all we must be well equipped

Especially for high mountain, which entails greater risks, in addition to carrying the right equipment such as backpacks or long pants,...


Running shoes with sensor chip: total control

Running. Probably the oldest sport that you can think about. We start going to run without almost realizing it. Take a T-shirt and sneakers and go. Start your MP3 player and focus just on your breathing. But running has become something more. Large firms have been put to work to make our daily run a much more complete experience.


Best backpacks to go to the gym

Going to the gym is a healthy and fun hobby. More and more people, regardless of age or sex, get on their sports clothes and go fight against inactivity. The gear we choose to go training has to make us comfortable and fashionable, and among it we cannot forget the indispensable backpack. So. let's find together which are the best ones.