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Types of yoga

Many of the current trends related to fitness pass through the balance between mind and body. Relax, pamper us, get away from problems... and also having a good health is spreading up and more and more people are choosing this lifestyle.

Thus, yoga, despite the success of other sport disciplines, such as pilates or zumba, continues getting popular thanks to its rich ...


Types of fitness gadgets

If you are looking for the best fitness equipment for sport, this is the article for you. We have got all the necessary information to propose you the latest innovations of the market, the most efficient  tecnologies and for sure the gadgets you should buy if you like to exercise and if you prefer to be your own trainer.

 Concerning the gadgets to train your upper body,...


Three basic exercises to get the perfect buttocks

Summer is officially over and it’s about time to regain muscle tone and get fit again after a few weeks or days of relax (which have been great). When planning training routines that will continue this fall we know that we must pay special attention to the area of the buttocks. Firming and toning them must be one of our goals for these season and three basic exercises will ...


Medicine ball exercises

Medicine ball exercises are our passport to a full sport workout. Whether as a complement to your daily exercise routine or as an essential part of your physical activity, these exercises will allow you to train your upper and lower body.

The first thing you need is to find a fitness ball with a healthy weight for you and considering how fit you are. Making the right choice...


"Trail running", running against nature

Running in the nature is natural, wild and liberating. Sport and nature can be compatible with each other but it is not always the case. Climbing up and down the mountains is a challenge with the environment but also an inner fight as in every kind of sport.

For some people trail running is one of the oldest sports. It is supposed that human ancestors already were looking...


Shall we buy a pair of Adidas to celebrate German Unity Day?

I have some ideas to celebrate the National Day of Germany. I cannot think of anything better than a day of power shopping that includes some of the major German brands regarding sport. Since I have a penchant for Adidas, I will certainly give me some quirk as a good pair of running sneakers from the brand.

This brand has nearly a century of experience, although at the ...


Saint Andrews, where Golf began

Saint Andrews means for golf what Wimbledon means for tennis. Intime, pure and popular bonds tie these Gentlemen sports to Great Britain. Saint Andrews is the place where all the  professional or even hobby golf players, want to move their ‘swing’.

Scotland brings a lot of rain to irrigate its enormous green grasslands. Next to...


Hydration packs: why you need to have one

The hydration packs are the best friends of running and cycling enthusiasts. Those training sessions that leave you exhausted could improve in every way if you could hydrate while practicing your favorite sport. Hydration packs, also known as camel baks have a positive impact on your performance and you will be able to focus in the practice of sport without losing...


How to strengthen your joints

The knees are the joints usually most affected by the practice of sport. To prevent something worse you might start including in your workout routines some exercises to help you strengthen your knees, elbows and wrists: a resistant joints are the best insurance for your body health.

To begin with the series of exercises dedicated to strengthening these joints you can start...


How to prepare a routine of exercises to start doing running

You have just decided that you will do sport regularly and your choice is running. This is good news:

First because it's a sport that depends on you exclusively, it does not require to make pirouettes with your weekly schedule.

Second, because your body will thank you.

Third, because it's one of the cheapest sports. You just need to equip yourself with shirts, pants,...