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3 perfect items to become Danny MacAskill


Danny MacAskill is one of the geniuses of the bicycle. He has not won the Tour, or the World Cup. He is not known for his pedal power, or its speed in the sprints. Because he's an artist. His way of conceiving the street-trail, the discipline in which, according to some, he is the best in the world, is a mix of physical improvement, gravity limits, art, sync, imagination.

His first public appearance was through the most powerful tool of the XXI century: YouTube. A video of 5 minutes and a half left us a good sample of all its showcase of jumps, spins and turns. Today, four years later, he continues to amaze us from this channel, becoming the most famous street-trail channel.

Like the street-trail? Have you started practicing? Today Sportivic recommend three perfect tools to start practicing and become the new MacAskill:

3. The all-weather protection

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Gore Bike Wear Gore Mask 2013



2. The all-terrain shoes

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Exustar ESM324 Pro Shoes Black-Red-White



1. The glasses

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Uvex Sunglasses Sunsation 2013



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