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4 toning exercises to do daily

 - The exercises to tone the body are favorable to increase muscular strength and get a firmer body. It is therefore recommended to mix toning exercises, aerobics and pilates, within the fitness, to exercise the muscles of the body in general.

Different sessions are recommended at least three times a week and within the toning is always better to focus on different exercises on various parts of the body, either the back, glutes, arms and legs.

  • Squats. Classic, yet effective, as it is often a complete exercise. It also helps to maintain increasingly firm and hard glutes. In turn, squats help stabilizing the trunk and pelvis. Air squats are the easiest since they need no help of any element. Although at first glance are easy, they require effort to move your legs and arms simultaneously.
  • Crunches. They serve to different sets of exercises, and within toning are a must for toning abdomen and arms. Just ten minutes of crunches in our custom toning series, which we can increase as the days go by.
  • With barbell. And if we do not have a barbell at our disposal, we can lift up and down several times a large bottle of water or a similar item. We'll lie down while holding a barbell and descend the weight down to touch the chest. It's perfect to gain musculature and strengthen the pectoral muscles and arms.
  • Twisting of trunk and waist. With outstretched hands, we'll turn the torso and waist sideways in sets of 3 reps. The twists can be lateral and dorsal, even touching the legs with the arms. They does not require too much effort and it's also recommended to increase the number of reps with the passage of time, although 7 minutes per day would suffice.

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