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Ready for the Tour of Spain? The 3 best exercise bikes

The Tour of Spain arrives! The last major cycling event of the year comes, just as the end of the summer: (

Is it time to start saying goodbye to our bike? Impossible! The bikers do not take into account the climate, hours or conditions when it comes to getting on the bike. But it is true that it becomes more difficult: the densest traffic, fewer hours of daylight ......


Football protections: advantages and differences

This time we will see some of the advantages and differences between the most widely used protections in football. The idea is that you can then safely choose the equipment that best suits your needs and desires.

The shin guards are used in football and in sports such as rugby, ice hockey, baseball, and a few others because it protects the shins athletes. Hits from other ...


Tracksuit, small tips to consider...

There are many unwritten tracksuit rules that must be taken into account. There are also things you need to know when you buy one. Behind my humble keyboard I just want to give you some clues to prevent stylistic disasters that could almost be described as anti "fairplay".