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Tenis: Roland Garros on

Nadal, Ferrer, Federer, Tsonga, Djokovic are some of the names of the tennis players who have reached the quarter-finals of the most famous tennis tournament, the French Open, in his edition of 2013. Today at 4 PM will take place one of the most exciting, most tense and most intense matches regarding the final. It is the quarter final match between Nadal and the Switch Wawrinka.


Father's day: the perfect gift

Let's see if this year we manage not to go buy the gift for Father's Day in the last moment. Do not say I did not warned you. And not only that, but I will also give you a few suggestions that you may take and, for once, leave aside the typical tie. Come on, the man already has a decent collection worthy of museum and I also do not know if you noticed, but he never wears suit...


The 'passing shot': a forceful tennis shot

In tennis the 'passing shot' is by nature a tennis counter stroke. Its implementation depends on the opponent. In fact, it only becomes meaningful when one of the players goes to the net. In that situation, the passing shot can be decisive. The 'passing' is a stroke of rescue. Its complexity also makes it a great resource.


Tone thighs workouts

One of the biggest problems that women have to face once spring arrives is thighs flaccidity so they can feel comfortable wearing shorts or going to the beach. But no one should fear this moment because with few easy exercises your ideal silhouette will be recovered, even without expensive fitness machinery involved.