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Basketball : a complex organisation

Basketball is a very complete team sport. The “5 / 5” approach leads the players to respect a very strict distribution of roles, creating this specific equilibrium that makes the game possible. The individuals must play as a team, in a complementary way. In fact in basketball there is no such thing as definitive expulsions. The game must be played in perfect numeral...


Freestyle football

Freestyle football is the sport of jugglers, circus acrobats, spherical drivers, individuals attached to a leather ball. The metaphysical seed of this practice turned into international competition could not germinate from anywhere else than from a circus.


Funny Outdoor activities

While Outdoor activities represent an opportunity to break the routine, are also fun for both group and solo, some of the most preferred are camping and climbing but there are many others that can lead you to the practice to a relaxed state while sports training.

Whether snow sports, water or on land, outdoor activities create a better balance between man and nature, promoting...


Best cities in the world for running: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to practice running. There are a lot of reasons but surely one of them alone would convince you to choose it for practicing your favourite sport: the pleasant temperature that you can enjoy in the city most of the year, the facilities that the city offers to runners or the variety of urban landscapes that you can look at on the...


The Giro d'Italia

From 4 to 26 May will be held the Giro d'Italia, one of the three major cycling races in stages, along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. This competition, which has a 104-year history, interrupted only by the two world wars, has been expanding its routes and duration since the first edition in May 1909 and counts, among its historical winners, some of the...