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Gifts for sports moms

The May 5th celebrates a special holiday. It’s Mother’s Day and you got to give something useful and nice at the same time. If your mother goes to the gym, practices running and takes care of her body, it is definitely a sports mom that surely enjoys all kinds of accessories and sports clothing

We recommend some gifts for sports moms, a full range of possibilities to...


Training Day at the gym: How to prepare a set of exercises

With the heat of summer, the gyms are filled with users who need to get fit to look better for the holiday season. On a holiday such as Labor Day, May 1st, is a good choice to visit the gym to accelerate our pace of exercise in order to gain muscle or reduce inches from our waist. 

To prepare a set of exercises at the gym we’ll always focus on our goal, if we want to...


Running: rivaling helps you improve

For weeks you seem to be in a stand still. Your racing times are the same, it seems that your performance does not improve. You don't move forward despite having kilometers run on your back. Sometimes it's a transient issue, sometimes it can be related to other factors different than training, but if you care about it and you want to improve in running, take note of the ideas...


The most spectacular records in the NBA

The NBA is one of the world's most spectacular sports competitions, and of course, the most attractive of world basketball: it is a fact. The whole organization responsible for developing and promoting American Basketball is focused on achieving the widest possible audience, on getting the sponsors the maximum exposure and, ultimately, for the viewers -both who see the games ...


Get in shape for the summer season!

With Easter opens a new season where soon the sun will shine and the weather will become warm. Yes, you are correct, the operation bikini starts again to end up with the cellulite, love handles and show off a fit body. 

For this, nothing better than practicing sport in a constant way and on a daily basis. The current training exercises allow us to be slender in short...


What is trail running?

The trail running is a sport on the rise in recent years, thanks to its combination of physical exercise –it is certainly a complete modality- and enjoyment of nature, since it is practiced in “off track” mountain environments, unlike other sports like hiking or traditional running, without going any further.


How Margaret Thatcher influenced British Football

This 8th of april will stay in our memory as the day in which former Prime minister Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87.  Admired by ones, hated by others, Mrs. Thatcher was also defined the "Iron Lady". In her legislation period from 1979 to 1990 she had to deal with different issues as the war on the Falkland Islands. the conflict in Northern Ireland, economical issues...