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How to warm up for a fitness session

Warming up before starting our fitness training is the only way to augment our efficiency in sports and to reduce the risk of possible injuries. 

Many people don't know if they are actually warming up in the right way and they forget things, which could turn into a risk factor for injuries on parts of our body.

When warming up, it's better to leave beside fitness ...


Fitness in electronics

Technology is an important part of our lives and that's why it is present in the majority of facets of our daily life. Sport is not an exception and that's why in today's post I want to talk about the presence of fitness electronics in running. What  we can find, what we should look for and what are must-haves to train perfectly.

Heart rate monitors, altimeters,...


Strings for a while

A tennis racket without strings is comparable to a football game without a ball. Useless. The strings are really important in tennis rackets because of their influence when hitting the ball. Among hobby players the election uses to be more conventional and they opt for synthetic compounds and resistant strings, far from professional tension.

In the last years endurance got...


Sportswear fashion trends on the catwalks

After the last edition of this year's London Fashionweek we have become aware of the latest fashion trends and must-haves for spring 2013. As this season is characterized by frequent outdoor activities due to higher temperatures and people enjoying the outdoor coffee shops of their city, the fundamental question is what to wear on these sunny afternoons out. If you want tu buy...


Showtime of the Lakers

Each one of you who is over 30 and a big basketball fan will remember having spent sleepless nights in front of the television set following the first transmissions of the NBA, a competition that at that time was experienced as a really far away sport, almost from another galaxy.



Exercises that improve our balance

In order to obtain an optimal body posture, the exercises to improve our balance are usually easy to perform, and they help increasing our stability as well as improving the fitness whatever your age. In fact, almost all sports help keeping our balance over time, but there are more specific exercises.

The series of exercises related to fitness, such as pilates or yoga are...


Pelé vs. Maradona: The endless debate

One of the biggest discussions in football is the comparison between two master players as Pelé and Maradona. These two sizes as well as Cruyff and Di Stefano are among the four best football players in history.

During the last years people are talking about including a fifth player as well, either Zidane or Messi, it has not been decided yet. Regarding Pelé and...