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The football stars' brands

The football stars promote brands but, at last, themselves or their teams become the brand as a support to promote jewelry, parfums, clothes or watches. That's what Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Iker Casillas do.

But ¿when did this martketing fever begin? You would never imagine it! This behavior comes right from the 2nd World War.

Yes, sure! Right before that, 2 german...


4 toning exercises to do daily

The exercises to tone the body are favorable to increase muscular strength and get a firmer body. It is therefore recommended to mix toning exercises, aerobics and pilates, within the fitness, to exercise the muscles of the body in general.

Different sessions are recommended at least three times a week and within the toning is always better to focus on different exercises...


The best way to practice spinning

Practicing fitness is the best way to stay in shape. Fitness is an activity that implies the movement of many parts of the body and can lead to muscular improvements. Spinning is an activity that has become very trendy in many fitness centers. Spinning is the movement you do sitting on a bike and pedaling at the desired speed to fortify the muscles of the legs and buttocks.



Piolets and crampons: when the demand grows

When demand grows, we need the help of two elements, because without them a progression on ice (or hard snow) wouldn't be possible as this is a more demanding version of outdoor touring. Piolets and crampons permit us continuing to walk on plain surfaces but also on slopes, no matter if you are going up or down.

Of course for the correct use of piolets and crampons, you...


Balanced padel tennis

Balance in padel tennis, as well as in tennis, is achieved by the balance of the tool. That's why the first thing to do is to make sure that your tennis or padel rackets have the best balance.

Reeling off its nature, balance comes up when weights and forces are distributed in an equal way. This circumstance marks each strike in tennis or padel tennis in the same way as it ...


How to get your abs back

You've eaten too much, you neglected the daily exercise... And your abs are practically gone! Retrieve them is easier than you think with some fitness exercises, but you must get fit again and follow a schedule of exercises combined with a healthy and rich diet.

No doubt the effort and dedication will be your perfect partners if you want a perfect body and the six pack,...


Futsal, less space and more technique

Futsal has always been classified as the little brother of football, but it's not exactly like that. The dimensions of the field, the composition of the ground, the type of line-up and the number of players have an influence on the game. These are the main reasons why futsal should be considered as a sport apart.

The first sign of distinction between futsal and football...


Running at night: How to get prepared!

The number of people that prefer to go running at night is growing, especially in summer when high temperatures don't permit practicing sports at daytime and getting up early at weekends is not appreciated by everyone. There are persons who can only use nighttime for staying in shape because of working reasons. The most important thing is preparation, because running at daytime...


Exercises to improve the back posture

Improving our posture helps us to maintain a healthy and erect body. It's important to have a proper back posture to relax, walk properly and avoid, in the long term, unnecessary ailments.

So it's important to establish proper postural habits which help maintaining an optimal musculature and balancing our body in general. Among these habits, we can do daily exercises...


Crazy sports around the world!

Today I want to present you some sports that for sure you haven't heard talking about before. I don't mean traditional sports with precise rules as football, tennis or fitness but something really different and really eccentric. Get prepared! 

The tour of crazy sports around the world will start (how could it be any different) in the United Kingdom and will take you to the...