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Racquet sports

Racquet sports are very popular among fans. Generally involve very comprehensive exercise, plus great entertainment, facilities have grown in recent years, and also the variety of equipment; therefore, their average prices are down, allowing its practice to a wider audience.

The top game of this type is tennis. With origins in eighteenth-century France, later adapted and...


How to face the day of the marathon

The marathon appears as the great challenge for the millions of fans who practice running in the world. Its distance (42 kilometers and 195 meters) and the physical effort involved, require a huge mental endeavor. However, it is worth suffering for most participants. In order to avoid a painful physical wear, the first tip for this ultra-distance race is planning it properly...


What is fitness?

Fitness is a lifestyle rather than a sport. Practitioners do fitness regularly. And perseverance is one of the foundations of this discipline that seeks to improve physical health through general or specific training programs, which get fit every inch of our body.

Disease prevention, finding a firm and toned body, physical recovery or muscle worship -although the latter...


Selectorized gym equipment: what is it for?

Selectorized gym equipment is our best ally in fitness. Training with these machines you can work out any muscle group, both overall and separately, so the result is the most comprehensive to be found in fitness.

Training with selectorized machines is suitable for those new to fitness. The simplicity of their use and the possibility of adjusting the load to your own needs...


Relax in fitness: massage chairs

Much of the success of a good fitness training lies in the proper planning of time and a good rest to ensure recovery. Today we want to indulge ourselves and what better to combine pleasure and a good sports recovery than the perfect massage chair.

When choosing a massage chair you have a lot of possibilities. Technology has been put in to relax and on the market now you can...


Team Hoyt

Although I learned about Team Hoyt several years ago, I thought it appropriate to share this story of love and personal growth. I assure you will be touched and always remember it.

If I ask you about Dick and Rick Hoyt, I'm convinced you don't know who they are (if you know them, their story or have seen the video please don't go. I recommend you keep reading the post and...


Sportivic, a project for every sport lover

Hi everyone,

After several months of preparation, we are finalizing the launch of Sportivic, the first social marketplace dedicated to providing online purchase of all necessary equipment (shoes, textiles, accessories, hard material, electronics...) for the practice of any sport.

We are working to put at your disposal the largest catalog of sports equipment. We intend...