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Moving Padel Tennis

As cousin of tennis, padel keeps some similarities of great importance in the game. Displacement is a fundamental chapter in this sport. Knowing that the court is closed, defining characteristic of this activity, the game will require less movement distance, although more attention on the many possible rebounds.

Short steps charge value here, as they will determine the...


The 3 perfect padel paddles for beginners of this fashionable sport

The padel is a growing sport in Europe. Practiced mainly in Spain and Italy, in France courts are easier to find. But here in England, the country of racket sports amateur, this activity has been greeted with enthusiasm because it is an ideal indoor sport.


What is functional training

Functional training is fashionable. More and more people practice it. This training methodology seeks to achieve muscle progression through exercise training routines somewhat different from those we are accustomed to. It is a fitness sub-discipline that becomes more attractive for those who are new. It prefers health benefits above the physical rigor. Also, it does not ...


Tennis shots. The service

The importance of tennis serve is obvious, though often underestimated. It is a major shot, decisive in a high percentage of tennis matches, both among professionals than amateurs. It is also the most complex.

Maintain a service game guaranteed a match of sudden death. Only the clay can relativize its importance as the clay slows the most powerful shots, although it still...


Hot Padel

As much as the padel doesn’t make us work physically as the tennis, this sport also requires certain preventive routines. Getting warm before starting in padel, as in almost any sport, is important. Give a few minutes, in order to start a game in the best conditions. It is interesting to make good use of this period of between 5 and 20 minutes before the game.


What should have a good treadmill

The treadmills are an investment in health and quality of life. Having one of the most demanding fitness machines at home necessarily involves increasing your activity level and combat physical inactivity. When choosing a treadmill you have to take into account a series of clues that will help you select the best for you.