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Elliptical or traditional bike?

The elliptical trainers are the perfect fitness machine to exercise most of your muscles. Although the concept of departure is the same as in the statical bikes, the advanced design of elliptical trainers includes a fundamental difference: in them the exercise can be done while standing, instead of sitting as in the other, although depending on the model you choose, you...


3 perfect items to become Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill is one of the geniuses of the bicycle. He has not won the Tour, or the World Cup. He is not known for his pedal power, or its speed in the sprints. Because he's an artist. His way of conceiving the street-trail, the discipline in which, according to some, he is the best in the world, is a mix of physical improvement, gravity limits, art, sync, imagination.


Outdoor sports hydration

While exercising our body calls for an increasing fluid intake, much more if temperature is high. When we like outdoor sports, so we can be in contact with nature, we know that it will not always be possible to find a water source, so you have to think of a hydration system.

Before going out to practice any sport you have to think about using some kind of hydration system....


How to choose your climbing shoes

Climbing shoes are one of those elements that help us most during the climbing and it's amazing as the opinions vary so much from a climber to another. But it is normal for this to happen because each athlete will use it for different routes and, like a running shoe, the one which can be convenient and practical for one, may not be so for another.