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The right thermal clothing for a mountain trip

If you are looking for thermal clothing for outdoor activities you must take into account the conditions you will face. It seems logical but sometimes we overlook the obvious.  A quick walk in winter, a nice trip to a rural tourism house or a car trip is not the same as a mountain climb, and the cold you will face is not even close.


What is an inversion table?

Although unfortunately it seems that lately saving is more common than spending, inversion tables from which I will discuss in this post have nothing to do with the stock market, or the millions. Don’t mix it with ‘immersion’ neither, which is what many mistakenly ask for when they go to buy their fitness machinery. Immersion requires an aquatic environment to dive in,...


10 sentences about Michael Jordan

When it comes to basketball, the first name that comes to mind is probably Michael Jordan, who might have been the best player in the history of the sport. The American athlete made an impression thanks to the quality of his game and for his collaboration with Nike. (Especially in terms of basketball shoes.)


Handball's story

Although handball as it is practiced today is a relatively new sport, informations from the first historians of the western world suggest a more ancient origin. The Greeks practiced "game Urania", which the Romans called Harpastum. This was practiced by throwing a ball with hands. The similarities with the current sport do not stop there. Some medieval sports also have many...