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How to organize a barbell session

Within the fitness, the barbells open up a world of possibilities for exercising to keep the body fit in general. When we train with weights, we'll do series and repetitions, and take into account the weight of these accessories to not overload our back or arms. Everything will depend on our strength, musculature and the times we use the weights in our daily training.



The best positions for running

Running is the favourite training of beginners, running professionals, élite sportsmen and Sunday runners who are on their  mission for a better body. As in every field, you can find everything. For sure it is one of the healthiest sports, no matter if it's your main training or if it is part of your daily sport practice. In any case you should keep in mind that it can be...


How to choose the best tent

When buying tents, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. The right decision will have a lot of influence on our comfort during our planned trekking route and the trips we will plan in future. Well conserved tents last for a few years and when choosing our favourite one, we shouldn't forget that factor.

Size, quality of the materials, isolation and form...


Benefits of group training

Do you want to train or play sports but have little willpower? Remember that a healthy lifestyle means eating properly and do some exercise several times a week.

There are many people who need motivation to exercise constantly and effectively, since by themselves they fail to achieve their goals. So group training is beneficial because we will be in contact with...


Speed in padel tennis

In sports, speed is directly related to success. It is not a guarantee but necessary to achieve  the goals of every kind of professional. In padel tennis its importance can be noticed in every movement, it is imprescindible in the anticipation, the reaction, the impact of the ball and the placement.

Therefore a specific speed training could have positive impacts on the...


Most frequent activities at the gym in 2013

Once again, the gyms are filled during this time to regain the lost figure on the last Christmas. Recall that sport should be made throughout the year on an ongoing basis, because only then we will be in shape and keep the line without much effort.

The trend physical activities at the gym during this 2013 have much to do with fitness. The aerobics mix up with other...


Move your body and practice body pump!

Surely after a complete Christmas, you want to lose weight and stay in shape. If you've eaten too much sweets, maybe you should work out and you'll see how, in addition to feel better, you'll get the figure of your dreams. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Body Pump is the sport discipline within the fitness that has gained more followers in no time. Its success lies in the ...


The method of Pilates

What do a ballett dancer and a soldier that comes back from war have in common? Is Contrology and Pilates the same thing? Does Pilates as a fitness method originally come from Germany or the United States? Today, although Pilates has become quite known around the world, its origin is not that clear to the majority.

What happened to the inventor during his youth? Is it true...


Accessories to go well equipped to snow

One more season, the ski resorts are filled with white sports fans for skiing or snowboarding. But to go to snow, we will need the accessories, equipment and materials that will make us be much more protected. Are you coming to the snow?

We'll begin with ski boots, absolutely essential and the best accessory for a good skier. We can differentiate them as Nordic skiing...


Accessories for easily practice fitness

To lead a healthy life, exercise should be practiced daily along with eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and dairy. Among the disciplines of the moment, fitness gains ground, as it's a fast and dynamic practice that keeps the body in shape, ending with the over volume in many parts of the body and clearing the mind.

Many times, we need accessories to perform...