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Which sleeping bag should I buy?

The variety of brands of sleeping bags we find on the market and most of all the variety of sleeping bags we have nowadays, can complicate things when trying to buy sleeping bags.

 If we are not that experienced we should ask for  information to experts or professionals in outdoor material. Of course it is an advantage to  have already an idea of what we want. That's...


Summer and hiking: tips before taking a walk

Summer is one of the best times to discover new places. Depending on where you are, for example, in the mountains, the outdoor stands out as the best choice for a fun day.

Hiking helps us breathing fresh air, walking, play sports and get to the top of quite accessible mountains. But before rushing off down the mountain, we must prepare. Here are some tips for planning your...


Aerofitness, the latest trend

Among the innovations in fitness, Pilates is a fully consolidated method which allows all sorts of movements to heal mind and body at once.

Given its success worldwide, there have emerged some variants of this style that offer more fun. One of these is in the air pilates. It offers intense exercise and uses swings or harnesses to suspend the body in the air.

It allows...


Electronics for fitness

Want to improve your exercise? The fitness is reinvented every day to provide all kinds of developments to this market. The aim is to move quickly, burn calories and have fun while doing so.

And to control much better the fitness exercises, electronics helps winning elasticity, strength and speed, so that each time it costs less to achieve the goals we set when practicing...


Practice ski in the Pyrenees of Aragon stations

Yes, a new ski season has begun. So prepare the snowboard accesories and clothing suitable for the snow... The stations in the Iberian Peninsula have already opened their doors giving welcome to the white sports fans. If you like skiing, you're in luck because you can already slide down the slopes at the most important stations.

The Pyrenees of Aragon have ski resorts...


The benefits of having a personal trainer

Make sport, get fit and even lose weight is something that should be done under the supervision of a professional. In recent years, the figure of the personal trainer has spread and become popular, and it is something well known. We talk about the person who advises and supports users to know what kind of exercises they must perform.

Because every body is different and the...


How to improve performance in running with the correct breathing

In running, both beginners and more experienced runners should consider a number of factors when launching into practicing their favorite sport, and one of great importance, is breathing. When we start running regularly, we often immediately think of wear the suitable clothing and running shoes or hydrate properly, but sometimes we do not care at all about the breathing...


Sportivic is born: the first marketplace specializing in sports equipment sales

Sportivic ( is the first website specialized in selling sports equipment, with a catalog which offers the best expert shops, in order to allow the final consumer buying, in an easy way and very competitive prices, all that is needed for the practice of your favorite sport (shoes, textiles, accessories and hard material).

Being "the Amazon specialist in...


How to pack a backpack?

When packing a backpack and wanting to to it in the right way you should follow a specific order while distributing the weights. To simplify the job and be sure not having forgotten anything, it is a good idea to prepare everything we want to take with us  on a surface, for example on the bed or on the floor.

In this way we will avoid getting confused and only with one...


New modalities in fitness and martial arts

Fitness is one of the most evolved areas over the years. They have incorporated all kinds of martial arts and new disciplines with the goal of moving up the body and reduce the volume very quickly.

Seeking maximum adrenaline download possible in order to perform strength exercises that blend speed, pace, power, dance... let's see some of the most prominent and practiced.