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The two (thousand) sides of the tennis racket

Buying tennis rackets needs some reflection. On the market you will have a vast choice

of models so that it is not that difficult to buy a good one.

What you have to keep in mind is the brand (Wilson, Babolat, Head, Adidas, Nike), the material (graphite, kevlar, titanium) and the resulting weight, the size of the hilt as well as its grip, the tension and the structure...


Types of diving

Imagine an underwater world to explore. Full of fish, reefs, coral... in Spain we enjoy a magnificent coastline to scuba diving and discover a magical world into new experiences.

Normally, diving lessons or courses usually have theoretical and practical parts. In this last and most important, they will teach us to dive into a pool and, when we're ready, we'll get into the...


How to become a goal keeper as good as Iker Casillas?

Being a goal keeper is the most difficult role in a football team. Being between the goalposts requieres agility and reflexes as well as a leading character regarding the defence. Another important factor is the psychological one, because dominating the phases of the sport game and transmitting security to your team has positive effects on the development of the game. As Iker...


Tennis shots: The volley

If there is a tennis shot in danger of extinction then it is definitely the volley. The modern game places more attention to the service from the end of the tennis court where an approximation to the net for making a point rarely occurs. Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, Murray and Federer dominate the rallies but to them every technique is permitted.

Aestethic goes together with...


Spinning, discipline on the bike

Spinning is one of the most popular activities in the gym, since it's one of the most complete sports. Pedaling on the static bikes through various gears or programs is the basis of this activity.

Its name comes from the U.S. cyclist Johnny Goldberg who, in the late 80s, devised the well known Spinning® program to provide something more than just moving on bikes.



How to heal blisters

You've time training, you can say that your preparation is perfect. You've followed to the letter the instructions of your coach or trainer to get ready for competition. You have not missed any details, even you bought a new pair of running shoes to first wear them in "the day"... Error!

Just the day of your first big race, you start running and within minutes you notice a...


Master shots: The upward "drive" of Federer

Choosing only one tennis shot of the big repertoire of Roger Federer could be insulting. Every single action he takes should be revised in the best tennis academies of the world. He is a model student, the right hand of every teacher.

This swiss guy is an aesthetist of the tennis racket and enthuses the more purists as well as the more technical perfectionists. His service...


Glasses, the best ally of the runner

When we decide to practise sport and go running, we should be provided with the proper equipment for safety and protection. Running shoes, heart rate monitor, jackets and glasses.

Whatever the season, runner-glasses are becoming a very important and indispensable accessory that protects us from the sunrays and inclement weather.

Glasses offer a number of advantages...


Sportswear: From the sports field to the catwalk

During the the last years the street style has become really trendy and the world's most famous catwalk models wear hoodies and tracksuit bottoms instead of fancy dresses. The shop windows are full of sporty clothes which nowadays have to fulfill fashion requisites and not just be comfortable. The idea of wearing them outside the sports field has become popular and seeing people...


Tennis techniques: The drive

The "drive" is the most intuitive ball in tennis and therefore the easiest to learn for everyone. Professional players and hobby use (sometimes too much) their forehand, neglecting the backhand. It's an sport classic!

Nevertheless there are more possibilities with different difficulty grades: the split step, the flat forehand, the topspin. All of them have reasons to...