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Padel materials

With the wide variety of padels available on the market can transform a simple choice into something very, very complicated. It is important for you to learn about the different materials they are made from, in order to know what features they require before making your decision.

Carbon: For light, rigid and resistant paddles. Graphite: This material is...


Basic exercises that always give results

If it's hard to you to practise sport daily because it seems complicated, but you need to be fit, classic and basic fitness exercises are quite desirable to tune your body. Sometimes we forget about them wanting to do rather complicated positions and applying new disciplines that, perhaps, we are not good at.

Win musculature, take strength in hands and arms, stylize more ...


Basic running equipment

Days are larger, summer is closer. Summer is near and that cold breeze in the morning is giving us a bit of laziness when it comes to go running before going to work time.We cannot surrender to laziness and, to remedy it there is nothing better than warm. If weather does not give up, we will stand up to the cold with our thermal tights, jackets and T shirts in technological...


Football season: training jumpsuit

The football season starts and training overalls are the garment that makes a difference in the performance of any self-respecting goal keeper. If some of you do not know yet what are the advantages of choosing this garment as sports equipment, it's probably because you do not know it good enough. And that is easy to fix.