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Footballs top 3

What is the best ball to play football? Balls come in all kinds, and each one has his favorite: for its history (the Adidas Tango, Aztec ...), for the team they represent (Real, Atletico, ...), the competition (Champions , LFP, ...) or even color, brand, material ..

The fact is that today there are plenty of models to choose, and for those who do not know what to opt for, we...


Goggles to enjoy the World Cup

Now that we are celebrating BCN2013 Swimming World Cup, are you up to a quick review of the best swimming goggles?

Good swimming goggles must liberate eye pressure and allow freedom of movement with perfect visibility. Sportivic users are fully aware of that, and they have chosen the best swimming goggles of the year:

5. Swimming glasses Speedo Pacific Goggle ...


NBA Trends

The Celtics, Bulls, Lakers ... NBA sportswear brand creates trends and you don’t need to be a basketball addict in order to wear it. The most iconic clothes you see in the American basketball courts have crossed borders, as they did in the nineties, dressing athletes from all around the world.


The 5 most sold cyclism accessories

Cyclism is one of the most practiced sports in the world. In that way we can enjoy nature and we don't even have to have technical knowledge for that. The only thing we have to know is how to ride a bike. So we can affirm that we actually just need will, illusion and a bicycle.

But once our level gets higher, we also want to have the best equipment, isn't it like that? But...


How to cook safely in the mountains

An outdoor trip in the mountains, extreme conditions, high levels of demand but “son, do you eat well?” Practice your favorite sport does not mean you should not keep feeding you properly, as your mother would advise. In today's post we will give you some clues to know how to prepare food safely in the mountains.