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Aerofitness, the latest trend

 TAGS:Among the innovations in fitness, Pilates is a fully consolidated method which allows all sorts of movements to heal mind and body at once.

Given its success worldwide, there have emerged some variants of this style that offer more fun. One of these is in the air pilates. It offers intense exercise and uses swings or harnesses to suspend the body in the air.

It allows many positions and the benefits are really complete. You move all the body, working specific areas; you get more strength, it’s good for the back and the abdomen, and the legs are flexed.

Something acrobatic

The aero pilates, as it is also known, combines several disciplines at once, as is the case with traditional Pilates, but with acrobatic exercises. While it seems difficult, it’s really simple but it takes practice and daily training. We’ll need a teacher or specialist in the field leading us in the early stages.

The disciplines that we find are between aerobics, yoga and ballet, and we can perform postures that we had not previously imagined. It is what is called non-gravity position, in which the body is suspended and loses its heaviness.

It is also a perfect technique to reduce overall body volume, offering a draining effect and therefore is practiced by many women.

Awakened mind

It is a precise training which, in addition, allows -as the traditional pilates- bring benefits to our mind. Somehow, it keeps us active and makes us escape from stress and everyday problems. The pace of air pilates makes us to achieve more complicated exercises every day, improving our mental alertness and concentration.

The best way is to practice in gyms and health centers, but we can get harnesses easily for using them at home.

Sports on the air? You’ll need to buy suitable sports equipment; Would you join us?

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