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Balanced padel tennis

 - Balance in padel tennis, as well as in tennis, is achieved by the balance of the tool. That's why the first thing to do is to make sure that your tennis or padel rackets have the best balance.

Reeling off its nature, balance comes up when weights and forces are distributed in an equal way. This circumstance marks each strike in tennis or padel tennis in the same way as it occurs in other sports in a transcendental way. Situation under control or uncontrolled situation?

The player has to work on automatism in a conscientious way. Each strike is a mix of speed, coordination and technique. Everything starts with a good physical preparation. By having speed, everything is possible, without speed, balance doesn't really count.

Nevertheless, speed forces you to a meticulous control of the details. One step less, a late reaction, a defect handle or a small technical lack, can ruin everything. In material of balance everything counts, as it is considered the sum of various virtues.

When hitting a ball, anticipation is necessary as it reveals you the best position. Intuition. Reflexes. And of course the legs are a prime neccessity for the practice of sports. And after that comes the technique, you will need theorical hours and practice. Reaching perfection is possible only if you are very demanding with yourself. 

You will need many hours of studying and practice to complete the most orthodoxe movements of the legs and arms. Coordination is everything. In racket sports the upper extremities count more, although the importance of the legs is noticeable as well in every exchange. Arms and legs have to act as a whole.

The service in tennis unites all the theory in a gesture of almost a second. The distribution of weights (left foot, right arm), technique, speed (agility), coordination and power. An unbalanced service looses power and precision, while a good one assures a high percentage of exit.

However, in padel tennis balance doesn't compete with power. In the "cages", technique is predominating, as well as a correct displacement. Because of its peculiar infrastructure, this sport is advantageous for those who are good at running across the field. This intuition is the first and necessary step for reaching a good impact.

Balance is one of the goals of each professional sports man, which can reach different dimensions (techniques, physical and mental conditions and alimentation) although they are all useful. For sure each balance style is different and cannot be transmitted from one to the other. Look for your own style and choose the shoes, rackets and the court you prefer.

And of course you should buy adequate padel tennis rackets. Do you want us to recommend you something? These ones are among the best ones:

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