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Basic exercises that always give results


If it's hard to you to practise sport daily because it seems complicated, but you need to be fit, classic and basic fitness exercises are quite desirable to tune your body. Sometimes we forget about them wanting to do rather complicated positions and applying new disciplines that, perhaps, we are not good at.

Win musculature, take strength in hands and arms, stylize more your abs easily. For example, one of the classics that are still practiced in gyms are pushups and crunches.

In the first, you can do pushups on the floor with a mat, or to the side where we can support one arm on a box or step and switch arm as we develop the pushups. Nobody says they're easy to do, but they are quite complete, especially if we practice them daily (it's enough a series of 5 pushups with each arm).

This exercise provides a number of benefits, such as improving the position of the back and trunk, increasing strength and gaining musculature in arms and legs, since the efforts are made with both limbs.

The series of crunches are really easy to do. They have no secret but lifting the trunk with the legs bent while we are lying on a mat. We can also do them sidewise. In this case, with 10 a day we'll have enough, although the ideal is to increase the number of crunches daily. The benefits, in addition to achieve a flat abdomen, are balance in the spine, prevention of back pain and also improvement of our body posture.

Toning exercises and push-ups are also among the basic exercises that offer the most effective results. The same way as the strides with some weight (gym weights, for example) on the hands.

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