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Basic protections to play football


Playing football is always exciting, but it never hurts to take more action to prevent bad times and inactivity due to injuries and even a fracture.

In football most of injuries usually occur in the shins, knees and ankles. You surely might want to protect yourself with the proper protective gear to give your best in every game.

  • Shin pad: Also called shin guard, is not only used in football but also in rugby, baseball, ice hockey and many other sports. Its function is to protect against impacts the shins of every player that uses them. These guards are usually fixed with Velcro straps to best fit each player.

There shin guards with or without ankle supports; these were first used in 1874 when the cricket protections were adapted by Sam Weller Widdowson, placing a belt around the socks to protect the shinbone, prevent injuries from shock and thus avoid fractures.

Most shin pads today are made ??of plastic or rubber, lined with dri-fit fabric to absorb sweat, which you can remove and wash after training.

  • Knee and elbow pads: in football are another key part of the equipment and they avoid joint injuries that can bring serious consequences, even the ban by doctors to return to practice your favorite sport.

The elbow and knee pads are designed in materials such as foam for better cushioning and shock absorption. When choosing one, is important that this has an adequate thickness to avoid impacts, but also allow to perform the movements you require to practice football.

Another point to consider when choosing knee pads is your height. For this you have on the market a number of options in different lengths, and you can choose the one that most suits your needs.

Ankle supports: Not all shin pads include ankle supports. There are who prefer to use them as a separate part of the football equipment. As in the rest of sports equipment is ideal to choose an ankle support having flexibility, the shock absorption you need in every game and a breathable material.

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That’s a well written article which highlights the major parts to consider while playing football. I know quite a few youngsters who needed surgery just because they were not well counseled! My son is currently aspiring to be a goalkeeper and I’ve just bought all his protective gears on as I cater for his well-being. Besides, I don’t see nothing wrong in investing on products that may only help you stay fit !
Pascal Pascal 14/11/2018 at 12:05

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