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Basic running equipment

 TAGS:Days are larger, summer is closer. Summer is near and that cold breeze in the morning is giving us a bit of laziness when it comes to go running before going to work time.We cannot surrender to laziness and, to remedy it there is nothing better than warm. If weather does not give up, we will stand up to the cold with our thermal tights, jackets and T shirts in technological fabrics that will protect us from inclement weather from within.

Do not tell me you do not feel like for buying a brand new running equipment garment, so cool with those colors that come with fall. It is certainly one more reason to go practice our favorite hobby, and I mean not just the shopping...

The thermal leggings adapt perfectly to the movements of the legs without friction, without scarcities and providing comfort and a sense of wellness that make you forget you're wearing them, except for the fact that you are running outside with temperatures to just below ten degrees at least. And it will continue in that line for a few months ...

Besides that, psychologically, we must not consider the jogging like torture, and for that we must eradicate the feeling of cold in our favorite sport. Having all muscles at a certain temperature from the start of training reinforces their safety, preventing certain types of injury.

Thermal shirts and anoraks made in lightweight fabrics and vibrant colors make up the rest of our running uniform. When you go to choose them, especially this outer garment, remember that winter daylight hours decrease dramatically. Surely during the hours when you jog, before or after work, the visibility will be reduced a lot.

As prevention is key choosing bright and flashy colours and try to make sure that the clothes that you buy contain some reflective area. Do not put your safety in the hands of others and, since before the first use of your new sports equipment, make a commitment to protect yourself from the dangers of running, which though not too many you should at least keep them at bay.

And while you're shopping, why not invest some money in a good pair of running shoes brand. Of course, as we mentioned, when the thermometer round its lower echelons, do not forget your hat, if you do not want it to be of made of wool, at least look for one made of cotton, which will prevent the quick loss of body heat.

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