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Basketball : a complex organisation

 TAGS:Basketball is a very complete team sport. The “5 / 5” approach leads the players to respect a very strict distribution of roles, creating this specific equilibrium that makes the game possible. The individuals must play as a team, in a complementary way. In fact in basketball there is no such thing as definitive expulsions. The game must be played in perfect numeral equality.  Each player occupies a different place in the field according to his physical and technical characteristics.

The playmaker is the most technical player. He starts the game and leads the ball, gives the breaks and creates the rhythm. He usually is the lowest of the team and must use more than anyone else his agility and speed. His movements involve the very frequent use of basketball shoes adherence in the changes of direction.
The shootinguard, as the name suggests it, he is responsible of the accompaniment of the base during the action. He usually attacks from the outside. The shootingguard does not run direct attacks, and is usually the best scorer.
The two forwards occupy the court’s corners. They are used to depart from the corners and play in direction to the basket. The classic forward can also exchange with the guard, attacking mostly from outside and creating superiority. The center forward, however, tends to associate with the center and occupy the adversary hot zone. The center tends to attack at close range.
• The center is the tallest and the strongest player of the team. He is placed in the center of the opposing area and is the fundamental player around which the whole game develops. His specialties are to catch the rebounds, both defensive and offensive, and to score near the basket.

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