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Benefits of Pilates


Within the fitness, one of the disciplines that succeed since some years ago is pilates. So, it offers many benefits for the body and mind, and therefore is chosen by all kinds of people.

Although who practice pilates are mostly women, men are caught too by this fashion, which is not fleeting. It's good for preventing injuries and getting ready when we train.

In recent years there have appeared different variations of pilates, such as aero pilates (or pilates in the air, which allows to perform acrobatics), pilates for pregnancy, yoga along pilates, with machines, slower or even more rhythmic.

Many celebrities and important persons of society prefer pilates before any other specialty in the sport of fitness. Among its body advantages, it helps us gaining strength in the muscles of the extremities, learning to breathe, because the exercises are done slowly. It's recommended by psychologists for people suffering anxiety in different facets of life.

This method of gymnastics combines many techniques: ballet, yoga, classic gymnastics. Makes us move almost without realizing it because the exercises are very simple. It's exceptional, for example, to restore shape after pregnancy.

The postures must be very clear and, as a result, the body gets used to not having bad postures in our daily lives. By establishing balanced exercises, it helps focus. Relaxation is therefore an important asset of pilates, that is perfect for calming the nerves and have our minds more active and relaxed at the same time.

Other benefits are the improvement of muscle flexibility in legs, arms and hips; and balance gain in every part of the body.

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