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Best European golf courses

 TAGS:Enjoy your favorite sport on one of the best golf courses in Europe is easy, what it is difficult is to decide which are the golf resorts that occupy the top spots in your personal ranking. According to the Telegraph, Cyprus, Peloponnese, Wales and St. Andrew are the destinations that host the four best options for golfers, however, fields located in countries such as France, Holland, Belgium and Spain are very close to the top in this category as well.

To determine which one is for us the most complete golf course we can cater to different reasons that will guide us in our selection process. The extension, prestige, quality of facilities, views, accessibility, customer, price...

For example we have the Celtic Manor Resort, located in Newport (Wales) with no less than 7500 yards in length. It’s a true paradise on Earth for golf-mad. Moreover, this place has the added advantage that has hosted the Ryder Cup, another reason to think about a trip to the grass that has been traveled by the best figures in this sport.

If what matters to you is what the resort has to offer for your holiday in general, which on the other hand you know are going to have golf as the main course, then you can go to Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, where in addition to practicing your favorite sport you will have the chance to enjoy delicious Mediterranean views and practice of other sports such as horseback riding or hiking.

Costa Navarino is the ideal choice if you are traveling with the whole family. Its proximity to charming small towns and open spaces, beaches and shopping areas, all nestled in the magical atmosphere of the Peloponnese, make it a highly recommended golf course for those seeking to reconcile passion for golf and family. Take note of it.

In Spain there are many very good golf courses too. In the South you can go to Cadiz, Malaga and Huelva, with great places to practice your favorite hobby and the advantages of a holiday in Andalusia. In the Mediterranean area you can find very good quality golf resorts in: Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia, which offer interesting possibilities for both those who want to start in this sport, and for those who already have some experience.

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