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Brazil 2014 qualifying groups


The 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil is one of the most anticipated events for football fans. The classification groups allow us to more easily see the real possibilities for our favorite team as the England Team to succeed and get this long-awaited cup.

Qualifying groups and qualified teams:

  • Africa: The qualified teams from Africa are Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana and Algeria.
  • Asia: The qualifying round ended on 18 June with 4.5 quotas. Qualified teams were Japan, Australia, Iran and Republic of Korea.
  • Europe: Members of 53 organizations participated in this round, which had 13 tickets for the elected, 9 of them direct to the winners and 4 for the repechage. Qualified teams were Germany, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, England, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland.
  • North, Central America and Caribbean: 35 teams fought for 3.5 quotas; the qualification ended in October 2013, with the United States, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico as qualified teams.
  • Oceania: New Zealand won the Oceania qualifying round and played the repechage against Mexico.
  • South America: 10 teams competed to opt for 4.5 quotas. The qualified teams were Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador. Uruguay played the intercontinental repechage.

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