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Climbing equipment

 TAGS:Having the proper equipment is an important issue for any kind of sport, but in the case of climbing, the importance is huge. Before every journey you have to check the status of ropes, harnesses, helmets and ice axes because your security depends on it.

Mountain sports have many followers because they allow you to get in touch with nature and exercise the body at the same time. But before venturing to practice them you must have a basic equipment which implies to make a previous investment on it...but that is absolutely necessary.

Ropes will provide you the security you will need up there. So you should always equip yourself with the right strings, checking before every use that are in good condition. There are two types of strings: static and dynamic. If you want to practice climbing then you need dynamic ropes. Never use static ropes for that because they do not absorb energy in a fall . They are useful to perform some climbing maneuvers like canyons. Dynamic ropes are more elastic and absorb impacts well. Their weigh is quite light and they get spoiled easier than the static ones due to friction.

Choosing the right harness is also difficult until you try it on the mountain yourself. This element is very important, as it gives stability and safety. You have to use it properly and always check it before you leave to make sure the seams are as they are supposed to. There are many types of harness and the choice of the design will depend on who is going to use them and what for. The harness must not be uncomfortable during the climbing .

Do not forget the helmet. Although it may be uncomfortable or unsightly, a helmet can save your life and that's what really matters. For some kind of climbing routes or conditions you may need to use a lightweight helmet. If you are more experienced and you rush to the mountains or potholing you need a much stronger one that will cover not only falls but also protect you from the impact of falling rocks. They are uncomfortable and when you buy yours you will have to make sure that it complies with the regulations.

The axe is a very useful tool in the mountains, especially in winter cruises but also during the rest of the year because they can be used to slow a fall from up to make a step. Its size will depend, in addition to the height of the person who will use it, to the type of activity you are going to perform.

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