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Cycling Holidays

 TAGS:The cycling grows and the expectations cannot be more optimistic. Social trends tend to consider the bicycle as the best and healthiest way of traveling. Also, cycling is cheap and green.

The negative point is the feeling of insecurity on the road due to a lack of adequate infrastructure, which stops many potential fans. Cyclists need certain guarantees for their own integrity.

Europe is in transition, although Germany and northern countries are far behind. Seated on a mostly flat geography, German nationwide commitment to cycling as daily transport is strong, even for long distances.

This form of tourism is far from new, but it represents a return to the most rudimentary transport. As a recreational activity, sport and even culture, cycling promotes a different way of traveling large geographical areas. Tourism and sport.

For many years, many people decide to cover the Camino de Santiago pedaling. It is also becoming easier to follow nature trails among some of the most beautiful towns in the country. The possibilities are limitless for those who seek them.

The natural “cyclers” are far away from professionalism and sports competitions. However, they are on the bike half a hundred miles a day (more or less, depending on the fitness and weight), so that a journey of a few days will cover quite considerable distances.

Although the possibility of having a support car (there are companies that specialize in this service), they usually carry their luggage. In this case it is essential to stock up with basic but essential stuff.

Always wear appropriate clothing and specialized glasses. The helmet deserves a special attention because of its importance. A Catlike Whisper, for example, is a guarantee. It is also essential to transport some food and drink as well as a mobile phone.

Carrying a sleeping bag and a tent can increase the independence of the adventure. Especially in summer, pedaling and sleeping outdoors can compose a perfect plan.

In Europe it is very common to combine with other cycling routes by train, but in Spain it is advisable to consult the conditions before buying the ticket. In this way, it becomes easier to reach more remote locations in a few days. Although the budget will also rise.

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