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Cycling in autumn: a few routes

 TAGS:Once autumn has begun, you should think about some interesting bike routes to do.  Cycling in autumn is a phanomenon that  lasts a while and this time of the year is supposed to be the best to enjoy the landscape without facing too high temperatures as in summer.

Obvioulsy the mountains are ideal places to be explored on a bike during autumn. On a bike you can get on the pathes and breathe in fresh air from the mountains, where the green colour is dominating the landscape.

The planification of the bike routes is important, to improvise could lead us on to really complicated pathes or too boring ones for our level. Checking on the internet before, we can find routes in our area, we only have to choose the difficulty and start to ride.

A really good suggestion for an autumn route is the one which leads from the Giralda of Seville to the Sierra Morena. The great roman paved road which went from Seville to Astorga is one of the most delicious nature scenarios to explore. The total distance to cross is 85 kilometres and the type of path you will find, leads through a forest without asphalt and can be realized on a mountain bike or on a hybrid one.

A shorter and easier route is the one that takes to the vineyards of la Rioja, going up the Oja river in a totally green natural context where the wine odour is noticeable. This route is 28 kilometres long and permits crossing interesting points as the park of the the "Fuente del Moro", Casalrreina and Ojacastro. It also crosses a part of the Way of St. James.

In general, autumn is the perfect time for those who like to enjoy nature and like cycling outside under the fresh air. Cycling is a sport you can practice the whole year long, always if the climatic conditions are not too rough. Another important thing is to wear always the proper clothes and take with you the right equipment suitable to the effort.


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