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Cycling in autumn: multiple paths

 TAGS:Once autumn comes, there is a number of interesting routes by bike. Cycling in autumn is a long-term phenomenon and this season is shaping up as perhaps the best to enjoy the scenery pedaling, without the too high temperatures of the summer.

Obviously, the mountain is a perfect place to be explored by bicycle during autumn. With bikes you can climb the trails and breathe the good air of the mountains, where the green dominates over the other colors.

Planning the route on the mountain bike is important. Improvise is very complicated or boring in our level. Sure glancing internet we can find many routes in our area, you just have to know how to choose the difficulty and start pedaling.

In Spain, a very good suggestion as autumnal route is undoubtedly the one going from the Giralda in Seville to the Sierra Morena. The great Roman road that ran from Seville to Astorga is one of the most exquisite natural scenery to explore. Make the total distance is 85 km and the type of path is an unpaved forest road and can be undertaken with a mountain bike or hybrid also.

A route shorter and less steep is the one adientra among the vineyards of Rioja, Oja upriver in a natural context and totally green and wet with the smell of wine. This route is 28 km long and allowed to pass through points of interest include Fountain Park del Moro , Casalarreina and Ojacastro , but may scrape a portion of the Camino de Santiago.

In general, the fall is a perfect time for those who want to enjoy both nature and the pleasure of riding outdoors. Cycling is therefore confirmed as a sport that can be undertaken throughout the year, as long as weather conditions are not too rigid. Another important thing is to always be clothed and have appropriate instrumentation for the effort.

Here we suggest a few items suitable for cycling:

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