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Doing exercise at home? Better with a personal trainer


Going to gym can be expensive, and it is also inconvenient moving there, preparing the backpack, wait for the machine you want to become free. In my case I think it may even be a little intimidating... What is that machine? What is that device for? Do you have to bend your elbow or not?

For these and other reasons I decided to start exercising at home on my own. It was not even a month before I get discouraged: any excuse is good to change a running session for a drink with friends. That's when I realized I needed someone to advise me when doing exercises and would push me in the right direction. Then I hired a personal trainer. In addition to helping me improve my results, he advised me on how to lead a healthy life. Here are some benefits of a personal trainer:

  1. Motivation: The personal trainer will be with you at all times making sure you do the exercises properly. Besides this it will give you tips to perform your routines and accompany them with a healthy lifestyle. Checking that you're feeling better will increase your motivation.
  2. Training designed for you: A sport professional can tell you what exercises are better for you, for your constitution, for your fitness, to achieve your goals, and specially he will monitor all those exercises that may cause you ailments for past injuries.
  3. Fast results: Put together the two previous variables, motivation plus special training for you, and you will get the key to improving your results in a record time. Exercising by yourself, you end up doing exercises wrongly, or in a not as productive way, this brings frustration and end up leaving early.
  4. Injury recovery: Personal trainers are professionals of the body and its care. To recover from an injury you have to exercise the damaged part, but always with care and control to get better instead of worse. A coach can take you to the limit but always respecting your body. It will focus on those exercises that you do not even know but which are essential to exercise the body in a controlled manner.

Therefore, I can say that a personal trainer will help you achieving your goals, whether to lose weight, recover from an injury, keep fit or get prepared for a competition more quickly and effectively than exercising alone. Noticing greater results and adapting the exercises to your level you will feel more motivated, helping this progression in the results. And all this without stepping on a gym. What do you think? Do we dare? Today we recommend:

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