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Dumbbells, a gymnasium basic

 TAGS:Dumbbells are one of the most basic gym accessories. For me, talking about dumbbells reminds me a ribbon in the hair, an eighties style, red dumbbells and the catchy tune of "Funky Town".

The truth is that there is a reason why it is still so popular. Thanks to their small size (in most cases), you can take them with you anywhere. I do not mean to go to the office with it from Monday to Friday, but it's not a bad idea to put them in the bag for this professional 24-hour journey.

There is also the case of those who have them but do not use them. I think something like this may be due to a problem of promotion. Yes, like in the supermarket. These are things that we must keep in view.

Choose a passage or a place where you spend time when you're at home (wherever that is). Above all, the chances of success increase with the degree of sedentary of the performed task. For example, next to the couch where you watch TV while you fry the chocolate chips. On the one hand, there is the issue of remorse, and the other, the ease, the presence of dumbbells near you. Although we do not look at them, we know they are there, ready to be used. Come on, give it a chance, twenty on each arm.

I think what I like is to train with dumbbells on a motivating musical rhythm. To avoid boredom one must combine dumbbell with exercises involving other parts of the body. On the internet you can find various tables that allow you to vary each week, if you want.

Go through a regular routine. 2, 3, 5 days per week. You must establish a fixed date, as if you were at the gym, always at the same hours. In this way we will soon see the results and develop our muscle tone.

From the simplest to the most complete, in Sportivic we have it all. Join us!

 TAGS:Dumbbells chrome-rubber 10 Kg aprox KettlerDumbbells chrome-rubber 10 Kg aprox Kettler

Dumbbells chrome-rubber 10 Kg aprox Kettler



 TAGS:Bar Dumbbells Kettler 35cmBar Dumbbells Kettler 35cm

Bar Dumbbells Kettler 35cm

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