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Elliptical or traditional bike?


The elliptical trainers are the perfect fitness machine to exercise most of your muscles. Although the concept of departure is the same as in the statical bikes, the advanced design of elliptical trainers includes a fundamental difference: in them the exercise can be done while standing, instead of sitting as in the other, although depending on the model you choose, you can also choose one that incorporates a seat.

Another advantage of elliptical trainers is that their structure ensures a low impact on the joints, so that training takes place in a more smooth and safe way. So the feeling can be walking, running, skiing or climbing, due to the fact that this bicycle allows us to exercise different groups of muscles in our body .

Compared with the elliptical, the traditional bikes are very limited and training with them is reduced to a number of muscles rather more restricted, so that you're not optimizing your performance the most.

Elliptical bikes enable you to save time. A session can exercise different muscle groups to get a full workout; you will not need many extras. With a regular bike you're settling for less than half the performance, which directly affects the quality and depth of your fitness sessions.

To make the most of your elliptical it is important to settle a routine, and abide by them. Each training session should have been planned following a control in which the levels of effort and rest and recovery time are well compensated and adjusted depending on our physical state. The difference with a stationary bicycle is that in the case of the elliptical, it is even more important to pay attention to heating prior to training.

With respect to the space occupied by this type of bike, yes it may seem a little more bulky than conventional, but really there is not much difference between them. Furthermore, it is a waste of space that is compensated by the fact that you don’t need other machinery, since the elliptical do not need much more for your training indoors.

Finally, the price differences do exist here, but realistically conform to the benefits you get. Then now, you can spend whatever you want if you want to incorporate advanced digital options or timers, among other types of fancy stuff you can find in the market.

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