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Adidas in Sportivic's blog


Football protections: advantages and differences

This time we will see some of the advantages and differences between the most widely used protections in football. The idea is that you can then safely choose the equipment that best suits your needs and desires.

The shin guards are used in football and in sports such as rugby, ice hockey, baseball, and a few others because it protects the shins athletes. Hits from other ...


Tenis: Roland Garros on

Nadal, Ferrer, Federer, Tsonga, Djokovic are some of the names of the tennis players who have reached the quarter-finals of the most famous tennis tournament, the French Open, in his edition of 2013. Today at 4 PM will take place one of the most exciting, most tense and most intense matches regarding the final. It is the quarter final match between Nadal and the Switch Wawrinka.


Running shoes with chip, the running experience

Reality is starting to be increasingly unbelievable. Especially for as little technological beings like me who often hallucinate with inventions that appear in James Bond films (although much more with some from the classic cartoons). I do not know what will you be thinking at this point but let's talk about running shoes.


Sportswear: sport trends

The canvas tracksuits and rubber sport shoes belong to the past. You already knew. Now sport also means fashion and there is no better proof of it than the collaboration as capsule collections from different designers together with the most famous sports brands. Among them, Stella McCartney, one of my favorites, which has already worked several seasons designing women's...


Shall we buy a pair of Adidas to celebrate German Unity Day?

I have some ideas to celebrate the National Day of Germany. I cannot think of anything better than a day of power shopping that includes some of the major German brands regarding sport. Since I have a penchant for Adidas, I will certainly give me some quirk as a good pair of running sneakers from the brand.

This brand has nearly a century of experience, although at the ...