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Outdoor athletics season! These are the records to beat

With spring and summer comes, as is traditional, the season of outdoor athletics, dominated this year by an international sporting event at a continental level as the European Championships, to be held this August in Zurich (Switzerland), and the classic meetings part of the IAAF Diamond League (heir to the former Golden League), which shall take place as every year in ...


Moving Padel Tennis

As cousin of tennis, padel keeps some similarities of great importance in the game. Displacement is a fundamental chapter in this sport. Knowing that the court is closed, defining characteristic of this activity, the game will require less movement distance, although more attention on the many possible rebounds.

Short steps charge value here, as they will determine the...


Handball's story

Although handball as it is practiced today is a relatively new sport, informations from the first historians of the western world suggest a more ancient origin. The Greeks practiced "game Urania", which the Romans called Harpastum. This was practiced by throwing a ball with hands. The similarities with the current sport do not stop there. Some medieval sports also have many...