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Balls in Sportivic's blog


Hot Padel

As much as the padel doesn’t make us work physically as the tennis, this sport also requires certain preventive routines. Getting warm before starting in padel, as in almost any sport, is important. Give a few minutes, in order to start a game in the best conditions. It is interesting to make good use of this period of between 5 and 20 minutes before the game.


Footballs top 3

What is the best ball to play football? Balls come in all kinds, and each one has his favorite: for its history (the Adidas Tango, Aztec ...), for the team they represent (Real, Atletico, ...), the competition (Champions , LFP, ...) or even color, brand, material ..

The fact is that today there are plenty of models to choose, and for those who do not know what to opt for, we...


Accessories for easily practice fitness

To lead a healthy life, exercise should be practiced daily along with eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and dairy. Among the disciplines of the moment, fitness gains ground, as it's a fast and dynamic practice that keeps the body in shape, ending with the over volume in many parts of the body and clearing the mind.

Many times, we need accessories to perform...