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Ready for the Tour of Spain? The 3 best exercise bikes

The Tour of Spain arrives! The last major cycling event of the year comes, just as the end of the summer: (

Is it time to start saying goodbye to our bike? Impossible! The bikers do not take into account the climate, hours or conditions when it comes to getting on the bike. But it is true that it becomes more difficult: the densest traffic, fewer hours of daylight ......


The 5 most sold cyclism accessories

Cyclism is one of the most practiced sports in the world. In that way we can enjoy nature and we don't even have to have technical knowledge for that. The only thing we have to know is how to ride a bike. So we can affirm that we actually just need will, illusion and a bicycle.

But once our level gets higher, we also want to have the best equipment, isn't it like that? But...


Spinning, discipline on the bike

Spinning is one of the most popular activities in the gym, since it's one of the most complete sports. Pedaling on the static bikes through various gears or programs is the basis of this activity.

Its name comes from the U.S. cyclist Johnny Goldberg who, in the late 80s, devised the well known Spinning® program to provide something more than just moving on bikes.



Types of fitness gadgets

If you are looking for the best fitness equipment for sport, this is the article for you. We have got all the necessary information to propose you the latest innovations of the market, the most efficient  tecnologies and for sure the gadgets you should buy if you like to exercise and if you prefer to be your own trainer.

 Concerning the gadgets to train your upper body,...