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Crunches in Sportivic's blog


Basic exercises that always give results

If it's hard to you to practise sport daily because it seems complicated, but you need to be fit, classic and basic fitness exercises are quite desirable to tune your body. Sometimes we forget about them wanting to do rather complicated positions and applying new disciplines that, perhaps, we are not good at.

Win musculature, take strength in hands and arms, stylize more ...


4 toning exercises to do daily

The exercises to tone the body are favorable to increase muscular strength and get a firmer body. It is therefore recommended to mix toning exercises, aerobics and pilates, within the fitness, to exercise the muscles of the body in general.

Different sessions are recommended at least three times a week and within the toning is always better to focus on different exercises...


How to get your abs back

You've eaten too much, you neglected the daily exercise... And your abs are practically gone! Retrieve them is easier than you think with some fitness exercises, but you must get fit again and follow a schedule of exercises combined with a healthy and rich diet.

No doubt the effort and dedication will be your perfect partners if you want a perfect body and the six pack,...