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Versatility cardiovascular

Cardiovascular exercise increases metabolism and burns fat. It is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight or for seeking rehabilitation of some kind of problem in a progressive way. Or just for those who want to maintain or regain physical and muscular tonus.


What is functional training

Functional training is fashionable. More and more people practice it. This training methodology seeks to achieve muscle progression through exercise training routines somewhat different from those we are accustomed to. It is a fitness sub-discipline that becomes more attractive for those who are new. It prefers health benefits above the physical rigor. Also, it does not ...


3 perfect items to become Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill is one of the geniuses of the bicycle. He has not won the Tour, or the World Cup. He is not known for his pedal power, or its speed in the sprints. Because he's an artist. His way of conceiving the street-trail, the discipline in which, according to some, he is the best in the world, is a mix of physical improvement, gravity limits, art, sync, imagination.


Ready for the Tour of Spain? The 3 best exercise bikes

The Tour of Spain arrives! The last major cycling event of the year comes, just as the end of the summer: (

Is it time to start saying goodbye to our bike? Impossible! The bikers do not take into account the climate, hours or conditions when it comes to getting on the bike. But it is true that it becomes more difficult: the densest traffic, fewer hours of daylight ......


The 5 most sold cyclism accessories

Cyclism is one of the most practiced sports in the world. In that way we can enjoy nature and we don't even have to have technical knowledge for that. The only thing we have to know is how to ride a bike. So we can affirm that we actually just need will, illusion and a bicycle.

But once our level gets higher, we also want to have the best equipment, isn't it like that? But...


Handball's story

Although handball as it is practiced today is a relatively new sport, informations from the first historians of the western world suggest a more ancient origin. The Greeks practiced "game Urania", which the Romans called Harpastum. This was practiced by throwing a ball with hands. The similarities with the current sport do not stop there. Some medieval sports also have many...