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Fitness Training in Sportivic's blog


What is an inversion table?

Although unfortunately it seems that lately saving is more common than spending, inversion tables from which I will discuss in this post have nothing to do with the stock market, or the millions. Don’t mix it with ‘immersion’ neither, which is what many mistakenly ask for when they go to buy their fitness machinery. Immersion requires an aquatic environment to dive in,...


Selectorized gym equipment: what is it for?

Selectorized gym equipment is our best ally in fitness. Training with these machines you can work out any muscle group, both overall and separately, so the result is the most comprehensive to be found in fitness.

Training with selectorized machines is suitable for those new to fitness. The simplicity of their use and the possibility of adjusting the load to your own needs...


Relax in fitness: massage chairs

Much of the success of a good fitness training lies in the proper planning of time and a good rest to ensure recovery. Today we want to indulge ourselves and what better to combine pleasure and a good sports recovery than the perfect massage chair.

When choosing a massage chair you have a lot of possibilities. Technology has been put in to relax and on the market now you can...