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Football in Sportivic's blog


Basic protections to play football

Playing football is always exciting, but it never hurts to take more action to prevent bad times and inactivity due to injuries and even a fracture.

In football most of injuries usually occur in the shins, knees and ankles. You surely might want to protect yourself with the proper protective gear to give your best in every game.

Shin pad: Also called shin...


Football boots, necessary complement

Football, the beautiful game, the most widespread and played all over the world, require proper equipment for the game can develop properly.

Legend says that two football myths like Pele and Zico began to play football barefoot until it was mandatory to wear shoes. They said that tapping the ball with bare feet were more comfortable, but often the place where the beach and...


How Margaret Thatcher influenced British Football

This 8th of april will stay in our memory as the day in which former Prime minister Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87.  Admired by ones, hated by others, Mrs. Thatcher was also defined the "Iron Lady". In her legislation period from 1979 to 1990 she had to deal with different issues as the war on the Falkland Islands. the conflict in Northern Ireland, economical issues...


The football stars' brands

The football stars promote brands but, at last, themselves or their teams become the brand as a support to promote jewelry, parfums, clothes or watches. That's what Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Iker Casillas do.

But ¿when did this martketing fever begin? You would never imagine it! This behavior comes right from the 2nd World War.

Yes, sure! Right before that, 2 german...


How to choose football boots?

Football, in part thanks to its global spread and popularity, is one of the sports that have more differences in their variations (depending on age and category of the athletes) and -something that is a key in the selection of basic sports equipment- in the surfaces on which it is practiced.

If you're looking for shoes to play this sport, one of the key aspects is,...