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Football Shoes in Sportivic's blog


Football boots, necessary complement

Football, the beautiful game, the most widespread and played all over the world, require proper equipment for the game can develop properly.

Legend says that two football myths like Pele and Zico began to play football barefoot until it was mandatory to wear shoes. They said that tapping the ball with bare feet were more comfortable, but often the place where the beach and...


Football protections: advantages and differences

This time we will see some of the advantages and differences between the most widely used protections in football. The idea is that you can then safely choose the equipment that best suits your needs and desires.

The shin guards are used in football and in sports such as rugby, ice hockey, baseball, and a few others because it protects the shins athletes. Hits from other ...


Footballs top 3

What is the best ball to play football? Balls come in all kinds, and each one has his favorite: for its history (the Adidas Tango, Aztec ...), for the team they represent (Real, Atletico, ...), the competition (Champions , LFP, ...) or even color, brand, material ..

The fact is that today there are plenty of models to choose, and for those who do not know what to opt for, we...