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What is the best age to start at the gym?

Generally speaking, all parents arrive at the time when they wonder what is the best age for their children to start at the gym. The question is fully justified since at a certain age, physique and stage of growth determine the ideal time to start with sports safely for children and adolescents.


Training Day at the gym: How to prepare a set of exercises

With the heat of summer, the gyms are filled with users who need to get fit to look better for the holiday season. On a holiday such as Labor Day, May 1st, is a good choice to visit the gym to accelerate our pace of exercise in order to gain muscle or reduce inches from our waist. 

To prepare a set of exercises at the gym we’ll always focus on our goal, if we want to...


Get in shape for the summer season!

With Easter opens a new season where soon the sun will shine and the weather will become warm. Yes, you are correct, the operation bikini starts again to end up with the cellulite, love handles and show off a fit body. 

For this, nothing better than practicing sport in a constant way and on a daily basis. The current training exercises allow us to be slender in short...


Benefits of group training

Do you want to train or play sports but have little willpower? Remember that a healthy lifestyle means eating properly and do some exercise several times a week.

There are many people who need motivation to exercise constantly and effectively, since by themselves they fail to achieve their goals. So group training is beneficial because we will be in contact with...