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Pilates in Sportivic's blog


Ready for the Tour of Spain? The 3 best exercise bikes

The Tour of Spain arrives! The last major cycling event of the year comes, just as the end of the summer: (

Is it time to start saying goodbye to our bike? Impossible! The bikers do not take into account the climate, hours or conditions when it comes to getting on the bike. But it is true that it becomes more difficult: the densest traffic, fewer hours of daylight ......


What is an inversion table?

Although unfortunately it seems that lately saving is more common than spending, inversion tables from which I will discuss in this post have nothing to do with the stock market, or the millions. Don’t mix it with ‘immersion’ neither, which is what many mistakenly ask for when they go to buy their fitness machinery. Immersion requires an aquatic environment to dive in,...


Exercises that improve our balance

In order to obtain an optimal body posture, the exercises to improve our balance are usually easy to perform, and they help increasing our stability as well as improving the fitness whatever your age. In fact, almost all sports help keeping our balance over time, but there are more specific exercises.

The series of exercises related to fitness, such as pilates or yoga are...


How to get your abs back

You've eaten too much, you neglected the daily exercise... And your abs are practically gone! Retrieve them is easier than you think with some fitness exercises, but you must get fit again and follow a schedule of exercises combined with a healthy and rich diet.

No doubt the effort and dedication will be your perfect partners if you want a perfect body and the six pack,...


Most frequent activities at the gym in 2013

Once again, the gyms are filled during this time to regain the lost figure on the last Christmas. Recall that sport should be made throughout the year on an ongoing basis, because only then we will be in shape and keep the line without much effort.

The trend physical activities at the gym during this 2013 have much to do with fitness. The aerobics mix up with other...


Aerofitness, the latest trend

Among the innovations in fitness, Pilates is a fully consolidated method which allows all sorts of movements to heal mind and body at once.

Given its success worldwide, there have emerged some variants of this style that offer more fun. One of these is in the air pilates. It offers intense exercise and uses swings or harnesses to suspend the body in the air.

It allows...