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Running in Sportivic's blog


Running movies: 8 documentaries about running you'll love

Christmas is a great time to enjoy, not only running in natural environments, but also watching documentaries and films inspired by the passion for running, a sport discipline that continues to gain followers worldwide.

Watching these films will fill you with inspiration to achieve your goals and keep in shape while you integrate family and friends to the...


Ideas for running in cold weather

Cold is one of the factors that make many runners to change the frequency of their training, but with rain and cold you still can run, but with the right equipment to avoid losing your fitness and fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

Motivation: To keep you motivated you can form groups with friends to go running together, and if you run alone, you just have to convince...


How to start practicing running

If you have decided to practice running, for example, from this September after the holidays have gone, you should know before how to start and how to increase your circuits as the weeks pass. Here are some tips to start practicing running.

Set a target. You may want to practice running for various reasons. Even if it's just for the mere fact of moving and exercising, ...


Running and menstruation

Many people think that the menstrual period is not a justification to feel heavy or decrease their running trainings, but it really does affect women's body scientifically and it is important to take it into account, in order to take care of your bodies without losing the opportunity to train.


Basic running equipment

Days are larger, summer is closer. Summer is near and that cold breeze in the morning is giving us a bit of laziness when it comes to go running before going to work time.We cannot surrender to laziness and, to remedy it there is nothing better than warm. If weather does not give up, we will stand up to the cold with our thermal tights, jackets and T shirts in technological...


Versatility cardiovascular

Cardiovascular exercise increases metabolism and burns fat. It is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight or for seeking rehabilitation of some kind of problem in a progressive way. Or just for those who want to maintain or regain physical and muscular tonus.


What should have a good treadmill

The treadmills are an investment in health and quality of life. Having one of the most demanding fitness machines at home necessarily involves increasing your activity level and combat physical inactivity. When choosing a treadmill you have to take into account a series of clues that will help you select the best for you.


Elliptical or traditional bike?

The elliptical trainers are the perfect fitness machine to exercise most of your muscles. Although the concept of departure is the same as in the statical bikes, the advanced design of elliptical trainers includes a fundamental difference: in them the exercise can be done while standing, instead of sitting as in the other, although depending on the model you choose, you...