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Elliptical or traditional bike?

The elliptical trainers are the perfect fitness machine to exercise most of your muscles. Although the concept of departure is the same as in the statical bikes, the advanced design of elliptical trainers includes a fundamental difference: in them the exercise can be done while standing, instead of sitting as in the other, although depending on the model you choose, you...


Tracksuit, small tips to consider...

There are many unwritten tracksuit rules that must be taken into account. There are also things you need to know when you buy one. Behind my humble keyboard I just want to give you some clues to prevent stylistic disasters that could almost be described as anti "fairplay".


Handball's story

Although handball as it is practiced today is a relatively new sport, informations from the first historians of the western world suggest a more ancient origin. The Greeks practiced "game Urania", which the Romans called Harpastum. This was practiced by throwing a ball with hands. The similarities with the current sport do not stop there. Some medieval sports also have many...


What is trail running?

The trail running is a sport on the rise in recent years, thanks to its combination of physical exercise –it is certainly a complete modality- and enjoyment of nature, since it is practiced in “off track” mountain environments, unlike other sports like hiking or traditional running, without going any further.


Sportswear: sport trends

The canvas tracksuits and rubber sport shoes belong to the past. You already knew. Now sport also means fashion and there is no better proof of it than the collaboration as capsule collections from different designers together with the most famous sports brands. Among them, Stella McCartney, one of my favorites, which has already worked several seasons designing women's...