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Running Footwear in Sportivic's blog


Running and menstruation

Many people think that the menstrual period is not a justification to feel heavy or decrease their running trainings, but it really does affect women's body scientifically and it is important to take it into account, in order to take care of your bodies without losing the opportunity to train.


Gifts for sports moms

The May 5th celebrates a special holiday. It’s Mother’s Day and you got to give something useful and nice at the same time. If your mother goes to the gym, practices running and takes care of her body, it is definitely a sports mom that surely enjoys all kinds of accessories and sports clothing

We recommend some gifts for sports moms, a full range of possibilities to...


How to choose running shoes

Choosing running shoes can seem like a daunting task, given the huge range that can be found in the market today. However, following a few basic tips, that we will try to illustrate here the most simple and graphic way as possible, buying shoes to practice our favorite sport -or even if we are entirely beginners- becomes much more feasible.