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Tennis shots. The service

The importance of tennis serve is obvious, though often underestimated. It is a major shot, decisive in a high percentage of tennis matches, both among professionals than amateurs. It is also the most complex.

Maintain a service game guaranteed a match of sudden death. Only the clay can relativize its importance as the clay slows the most powerful shots, although it still...


Tennis shots: The volley

If there is a tennis shot in danger of extinction then it is definitely the volley. The modern game places more attention to the service from the end of the tennis court where an approximation to the net for making a point rarely occurs. Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, Murray and Federer dominate the rallies but to them every technique is permitted.

Aestethic goes together with...


Tennis techniques: The drive

The "drive" is the most intuitive ball in tennis and therefore the easiest to learn for everyone. Professional players and hobby use (sometimes too much) their forehand, neglecting the backhand. It's an sport classic!

Nevertheless there are more possibilities with different difficulty grades: the split step, the flat forehand, the topspin. All of them have reasons to...